Our first Blog Post on Casinos-rus.com

Hello everyone and a warm friendly welcome to casinos-rus.com. What should we write about in our first blog post? I guess we’ll start by introducing ourselves. We are casino players like you and we work as affiliate of online casinos by writing reviews and recommendations of the trust worthy online UK casinos and Euro casinos online.

Our main focus is on reviewing the entire experience of playing at casinos online. Our aim is to create helpful, casino, sports book reviews that: 1) gives our readers a solid understanding of the betting services offers, and 2) helps our visitors find trust worthy web sites to wager with.

We will use your company’s blog posts to share current online gambling industry news. At the end of the day we too are gamblers just like you. I’m a serious blackjack player and my wife loves the slots. Our goal is to help people find legit casino sites to play while earning an income in the process. We hope that you’ll find our website to be comprehensive and useful for finding trusted online betting sites.

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